"Structures for the whole community"




“After 15 years with absolutely zero structural problems or concerns of any kind, I can recommend Concept Engineers strongly....
our successful association over the years secures me as a customer for life.”
- Jim Graf, JAG & Associates

A Commercial Team Dedicated to Your Sucess


Concept Engineers’ “total structural engineering package” delivers reliable, high-quality service from project inception to completion, saving you time, money and headaches.
Our commercial team members have a wide range of project experience in engineering structures such as office buildings, hotels, schools, warehouses, shopping centers, parking garages, churches and hospitals. Concept’s status as a high-quality HUB partner has also made us a top choice for institutional, municipal, state and federal projects.
Our expertise in utilizing a variety of structural materials is extensive and includes structural steel, reinforced concrete, composite structures, wood, masonry, tilt-up, pre-cast and post-tensioned structures.
Concept Engineers’ full range of commercial structural engineering services includes:




Structural analysis, design, drawing and construction documents for new building projects

Analysis and design for restoration, rehabilitation and renovation of existing buildings

Diagnostic and forensic engineering

Quality control and field testing of construction assemblies, such as exterior walls and roofing

Research and/or feasibility studies



Construction management and contract administration

Peer design review

Onsite monitoring and testing

Pre-construction surveys

Construction troubleshooting

Code analysis









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