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“If I were to describe Concept Engineers in one phrase, it would be 'Absolute Professionalism'.” - Mark Welch, Emerald Builders (D.R. Horton Homes)



Concept Helps UH Coogs Do "Whatever It Takes" to Score Double Victory in Sandcastle Competition"

June 5, 2004 (Houston) -- When the University of Houston College of Architecture decided to latch onto its sponsor's motto "whatever it takes" for the AIA Sandcastle Competition, the team had no idea how much that would truly reflect the effort necessary to take it to a double victory.
The UH Cougar sandcastle team, backed by Concept Engineers, celebrated the school's first double win at Saturday's competition, taking home the winning trophy for the 7th Annual AIA College Challenge, as well as the "Let the Games Begin" award for the best sandcastle with a sports theme. Its sand scultpture was entitled "Pool Shark" and featured a shark busting through a pool table.
The UH College of Architecture, along with the school's participants from AIAS and Alpha Rho Chi, was looking forward to this year's competition, as Concept Engineers' sponsorship funding allowed UH to more than double the team's size. As it turns out, it needed every one of the 37 members to achieve its mission, because 3 1/2 hours into the competition, the pool table under the shark began to crumble.
With only an hour and a half left before judging, the Coogs were faced with a serious dilemma. Their response to the crisis was to innovate and "do whatever it takes" to ensure their entry would be well received. Instead of having the fish laying on the pool table, as originally planned, they would have it busting through the table, which would make the broken table a non-issue. The result was a double-winning piece of art.
"When the table first started to break apart, we weren't sure what to do," said UH student Michael Poscovsky. "But when we made the adjustments, our final design ended up being even better than the one we had originally planned."
Houston-based structural engineering firm Concept Engineers was behind the team the whole way, cheering "whatever it takes!" from the sidelines when the structure was being rebuilt and celebrating as the team took its two wins.
"We are very proud to have been a part of this great day for University of Houston," said Concept Engineers President Yogi Sharma. "The team illustrated its commitment to excellence and showed a true winning spirit."
For more information on the AIA Sandcastle Competition, visit www.aiasandcastle.com. For more information on Concept Engineers, visit www.conceptengrs.com.



David Takes on Goliath in Galveston: UH Ready for Sandcastle Greatness with Concept Engineers' Help

May 28, 2004 (Houston) --- The American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2004 Sandcastle Competition in Galveston on June 5 will be different than any other year. This year, the University of Houston's Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture will hit the sand with the largest sponsored team in its history, ready to do "whatever it takes" to beat Longhorn and Aggie competitors who have traditionally dominated the college portion of this highly competitive contest.
In the past, University of Houston has not had the same level of funding for the team, said Michael Poscovsky, president of the UH student chapter of the AIA. This year, structural engineering firm Concept Engineers is providing the support for a 37-member team - a significant increase over last year's 15 members. As a sponsor, Concept Engineers will be funding the team's hotel rooms, building materials, t-shirts, and refreshments.
"We are excited to be helping University of Houston take its team to the next level in the Sandcastle Competition." said Concept Engineers President Yogi Sharma, P.E. Sharma has completed several graduate-level classes at UH and is a strong supporter of the Hines College of Architecture.
Last year, the Cougars walked away with the "Most Realistic" award and this year, they are striving for the "College Challenge" award. This prestigious award is given to the best collegiate sandcastle.
The students have been meeting regularly throughout the year planning every detail of their sandcastle, receiving additional input and support from the entire AIAS organization as well as Alpha Rho Chi. Saturday, May 22nd, the team headed out to Galveston for a practice run that went perfectly.
According to Poscovsky, "The whole team is extremely prepared and confident. With a larger team, thanks to Concept Engineers, we can rotate students throughout the competition and get our work done faster and more efficiently."
In addition to funding the school's efforts, Concept Engineers is lending what may be needed the most when the students hit the beach Saturday morning: moral support. The UH team will begin building their structure at 10:00am and must put their shovels down at 3:00pm. In these 5 hours, the team must take a heap of sand and turn it into a masterpiece that is creative and unique. During that time, Concept Engineers will have its own team of people on the sidelines cheering on the Coogs towards a hopeful victory.
"Concept Engineers has traditionally had a 'whatever it takes' attitude with its customers," said Sharma. "With the Sandcastle Competition, we're able to pass on that same winning approach to University of Houston." For more information on the AIA Sandcastle Competition, go to www.aiasandcastle.com.




Concept Selected to Engineer "Rios" Project


Concept Engineers has been chosen to engineer a new 23,000 square-foot home “Rios” in Houston’s uptown/Galleria area. The home, which is being built by O’Connor-Gill Custom Homes, Inc., will have a livable area of over 16,000 square feet and is valued at approximately $3.75 million, excluding the land cost. It will be located near Woodway and Post Oak.


Concept Engineers Chosen as Exclusive Engineering Firm for Wilshire Homes


Wilshire Homes, a leading Texas homebuilder with offices in Houston, Austin and San Antonio, has chosen Concept Engineers as its exclusive engineering firm. The two firms have been working together closely since early March 2004 and plan to build over 800 homes in 15 communities by the end of 2005.
Wilshire Homes president Brian Binash initially selected Concept to engineer his company’s homes because of his long-standing business relationship with Concept Engineers president and CEO Yogesh Sharma. However, it was the Concept team’s recent performance that won the exclusivity contract.
“Wilshire chose Concept exclusively based on superior past performance and assurance of future quality designs,” said Binash. “Their high standards and tight spec-out fit perfectly with Wilshire Homes’ quality and performance expectations.”
Randy Dodson, purchasing manager for Wilshire, said Concept’s promptness, expertise and responsiveness in wind-storm issue resolution, and consistent inspection-worthiness added to the exclusivity decision.


Concept's Solid Engineering Adds Value to Dame's Prism Award Winning Homes


Concept Engineers celebrated once again this year as its client, acclaimed architect and residential home designer Robert Dame, took four Custom Home of the Year awards in the 2004 GHBA Prism Awards. Concept is the primary engineering firm for Robert Dame Designs and was responsible for engineering all of Dame’s award-winning homes in the industry competition.
Three of the homes, including the winner in the $2.5 million and over category, were built by Christopher Sims Custom Homes and are located in River Oaks, Houston. The other home “Bacara” won in the $1 million to $2.5 million category and was built by Rueby Custom Homes.
Robert Dame exclusively designs intricate, high-end custom homes for discretionary buyers. He is known for design intricacy that is worked into the building framework, making his homes more complex from an engineering standpoint.
Concept has been Dame’s primary structural engineering firm since 1995 and, according to Dame, has retained its status through consistent quality and performance over time.
“Concept goes beyond the standard…that’s important to me and my clients,” said Dame.









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